Grooming and Co-operative Care

Prepare your dog better for Grooming and Co-operative care by allowing us to teach your dog to partake happily in his own health care and maintenance routines!

Grooming and Co-op Care Pet Pro Package of 3 sessions

Book sessions separately OR book a 3 session package saving more that 15% OR get $50 off the total!

$300.00 $250.00/3 session package

Grooming – Initial Visit

Learn how to positively encourage co-operative behaviour for grooming and also other health, care and maintenance sessions.

A co-operative dog will result in happier vet visits and reduced stress in both you and your pet!

We cover all common grooming and health  issues like nail clipping or filing. We also train for accepting ear (or eye) drops and preparing for vaccinations or blood draws.

Training can take place with you present in the home or for those dogs who are already comfortable with grooming, we can pick up, groom and drop off for you.

$150.00/1.5hr (approx)

Co-op Care Follow up 

We can arrange for more regular but shorter sessions in which your dog will learn to enjoy his grooming. You will enjoy a lovely-looking dog all year round!

Let us handle the regular brushing, washing and trimming for you and your dog. We will do it in a way that your dog enjoys by encouraging him to take part in a positive way.

We would suggest around 2-3 shorter more regular sessions rather than the one long groom which is more traditionally practiced.


$65/ session

Co-op Care Maintenance

Settling into a routine and forming great habits will set you on the path to success.

Regular routines and maintenance sessions which take place weekly or fortnightly which will mean you have a gorgeous-looking dog all year round. Your dog will be happier and healthier too!

We will schedule our sessions around your committments and where appropriate, pick up/drop off OR do the grooming session at your home, where the dog is more comfortable.



$65/ session

Grooming – Regular Visit

If your dog is already happy and comfortable with the grooming procedure, we can provide regular grooming sessions as required. Our main aim is to keep the dog happy, healthy, clean and tidy with as little stress as possible. We do not provide professional ‘show’ standard grooms although we can provide pet dog grooms which follow similar guidelines for your breed to your taste.

$70.00/small dog wash and tidy up

$80.00/med dog wash and tidy up

$90.00/large dog wash and tidy up

There may be an extra charge for pick up/drop off if required dependent on area.

Looking For A Professional Trainer/Walker?

Entrust your dog to a professional trainer!
We can help guide him on the right path to greatness!
These walking and training sessions include proven games to increase confidence, flexibility and focus, which means a happier, healthier dog and a happy owner!

Sessions are planned and carried out by a KPA-CTP Certified Instructor with 15years experience working with and training dogs and puppies.

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