'Home Alone and Happy' (Recording)

Our ‘Home Alone and Happy’ Presentation aims to help understand you Separation Anxiety in dogs and provides you with the methods to reduce your dog’s risk of Separation Anxiety.

Online Courses

Good Dog Level 1

Our self-paced Good Dog Level 1 course aims to help you create the perfect foundation for your dog!
We cover real world solutions for Recall, Loose Lead Walking, Leave it and more …

6 sessions

Coping with Over-reactivity in Dogs

Learn how to understand the reasons behind your dog’s over reactivity when confronted with other dogs, people, bikes, etc.

Coming Soon!

Anxiety-related behaviours in Dogs

From worried Walter to Angious Agnes, our dog’s can adopt a whole host of anxiety-related behaviours. Learn how to cope and what to do when your dog worries about the unavoidable!

Coming Soon!

Good-enough Home Grooming Guide

This course takes you through common grooming tasks and the training required to make your grooming and maintenance tasks at home easier and much more fun for both you and your dog!

Coming Soon!

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