Pet Pro Puppy (1-1)Package

Learn how to be a Puppy Pro in 3 easy steps!

Step 1. Puppy Pro Initial Visit (8weeks-15weeks)

Learn how to communicate and positively encourage behaviour and help form a resilient personality in your puppy!

A home visit will help you get on the right track quickly, helping you to form healthy habits!

We will cover all common puppy issues like toilet training, early socialisation, biting/nipping and sleeping habits to cover the early weeks in a new home.



$225.00/1.5hr (approx)
(inclusive of GST)


Step 2. Puppy Pro Follow up
(around 3-4mths)

Learn how to go about exposing your puppy to things in a positive way that is never overwhelming!

Ongoing socialisation is important as is building focus on you in the face of ever increasing distractions out in the big wide world!

This is the perfect session to attend to any questions or concerns in behaviour that might be starting to immerge and ensure they dont get out of hand.

$95/45min session

(Inclusive of GST)

Step 3. Puppy Pro Follow up
(around 4-6mths)

Settling into a routine and forming great habits will set you on the path to success.

Its good to schedule this one when your puppy is starting to become far more independent and the urge to interact with the environment becomes stronger.

You will learn how to form perfect habits which will last a lifetime and create the best canine citizen your puppy can be!



$95/45min session

(Inclusive of GST)


Full Puppy Pro Package

Book sessions separately OR book entire puppy package saving more than $26!

$425.00 $399.00/3 session package

(inclusive of GST)

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