Sensitive K9 Pet Pro
(Reactivity or Anxiety)
Training Packages

Sensitive K9 Pet Pro package teaches you how to help your dog cope in difficult situations!
When you chose a training package, our Reactivity and Anxiety protocols are delivered to you in a series of sessions that cover your dogs’ individual needs and motivations.
After discovering the root of the issue we will offer some easy-to-implement methods to help make walks with your dog more enjoyable!

1. SensitiveK9 Pet Pro 

Initial Assessment via Zoom

Sensitive K9 Pet Pro is for dogs that over-react in a display of barking, whining and lunging (especially on lead), specifically when faced with certain ‘triggers’, like other dogs.

This session provide solutions for your dogs motivations, allows us to look into routine, and the dogs individual needs and provides the insight into the ‘root of the issue’!
We are able to work from there to improve behaviour.

 This initial assessment and plan creation session comes with its own set of pre-training videos so that you can hit the ground running for subsequent practical sessions. This can be booked on its own or paired as a package with practical follow ups for you to practically apply your new skills.


$125/60min session

(inclusive of GST)

2. SensitiveK9 Pet Pro

In person Deep dive (1.5hr)

This session can be chosen as a standalone only Assessment and Plan creation just for you and your dog!

As part of this deep dive we look into routine, needs, environment, breed traits, individual personality, motivating factors to use in training and what foundational skills may be required to make training more effective for you!
All in a 90min in home, in person session!

If purchased/paired  with the initial zoom session, this session may be more practical in nature, since we will have already have had the opportunity to consider other factors and foundations first.

After this first practical session, we can discuss the best way to move forward taking a step by step approach toward our goals.


$235.00/1.5hr (approx)

(inclusive of GST)

3. SensitiveK9 Pet Pro 

Check in progress session

Once your training is progressing, this check in session allows us to fine tune the training and iron out and wrinkles.
Existing issues that are well established habits may need more time but we can set out a plan for your continued progress.

Advancing into new concepts and techniques, or concentrating on solidifying foundations, this session’s scope is really limitless.

We will be looking at ‘upping the ante’ in terms of distance, duration and/or intensity of distractions or ‘triggers’ in the environment but ideally at the dog’s own pace!

If behaviour is difficult for owners to handle, we can help by training the dog for you (Walk n Train sessions). Once the dog has adopted the skills he needs, we hand the ‘reigns’  back to the owner.


$95/45min session

(inclusive of GST)

Sensitive K9 Pet Pro (3 session) Reactivity or Anxiety Starter Package

Book sessions separately OR book the 3session starter package saving  $50!

$455.00 $405.00/3 session package

(inclusive of GST)

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