Separation Anxiety

Training Programs

How we can help!

Our 4-6 week fully tailored Training Program aims to help you address your dog’s symptoms of separation anxiety to work towards a solution.

Teach your dog to be happy when home alone by joining me for our Separation Anxiety Training Programme!

Your Separation Anxiety ProtocolĀ  – Step by Step

Initial Assessment

Tailored Missions

1-1 Training

Start your journey by booking an Initial Assessment!
This remote in depth session will begin to walk you through the practical stepsĀ  required to make home alone absences much more tolerable for your dog!
We will walk you through camera set up, home management and environment design and also look at any underlying issues that might be elevating your dog’s stress before you start.
We will also be setting our baseline in this Assessment to accurately measure our progress against!

You will learn a lot more about our tailored missions during our 30 minute complimentary phone call!
These little missions will be the bread and butter of our training.
We create these missions after taking every piece of data about your dog into account, so they are truly tailored to meet YOUR needs. Every mission provides more data to tweak the next mission and it’s all created in a sustainable and achievable way.
You’ll be given daily feedback and provide feedback in return through a shared spreadsheet that’s generated just for you and your dog!

As we move along with the training, we will probably hit some bumps along the way. Unlike some other self driven courses, you will have your trainer there with you every step of the way.
We create a data tracking portion on our spreadsheet, so that we can better identify issues and work to ‘iron them out’ effectively.
During the 4-6 weeks of the initial package committment, we also train you to understand your dog’s behaviour and better read their body language. This enables you to better navigate your journey by taking the helm yourself.