Separation Anxiety Training

When your dog suffers from separation anxiety, it can be heart breaking.
It’s difficult to know how to help them conquer their fears… but we have a solution!


We offer…¬†

EXPERT individualised training protocols

REMOTE training you can do in your home using video technology

DAILY shared missions (or training plans)  created specifically for you!


Complimentary 30 min phone call

to assess, explain and recommend a solution that works for you!

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Does your dog deserve a Pet Pro ?

Whatever the problem, put your best foot forward and turn your challenges into strengths!

We offer … Expert Guidance

How to communicate, understand and teach your dog how to be a great canine companion!

Clear, Simple, Evidence-based Training

Methods and an approach which is tailored to suit each individual case.

Training Flexibility

Whether private coaching, group class workshops or self-paced online courses !
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Why choose Pet Pro Trainer?

Are you facing challenges with separation anxiety-related behaviours in your dog?
You are in the right place.
In 2020 I completed the Malena deMartini Separation Anxiety Training Certification Program! I graduated and am now know as a CSAT – Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer!

We have the skills to help you!

Having worked really hard to gather both knowledge and experience, that means I can tailor the best training plans for you and your dog … because your dog is worth it!

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What people are saying …

Sonia modeled a range of training with Obi and passed the drills over to us. We loved this hands-on approach so we could continue his lessons at home. We will be back for more sessions as it was so inspiring to see our pet learn so quickly!

Jill and Obi

Having got Bobby from a pet rescue centre, I very quickly discovered just what a sad life he has had and soon realized that being a reactive dog was a big part of his make-up.

I have since found Sonia from ‘PetPro’ and wow, Bobby is on his way to being what dogs are supposed to be. Sonia is quickly teaching him the skills he needs to be in the real world and is so hands on with him that I can see a big change in him already.

Sonia has given me lots of information from various sites re games for Bobby whilst using her own skills as a trainer and believe me she needs them with this dog.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sonia to any person that wants a fantastic dog trainer and I am very please that I have entrusted Sonia to look after my boy.

Sharon and Bobby

Sonia is wonderful, I was quite stressed when I contacted her about my dog. He has a real phobia about having his nails cut and also gets very scared of the rain.

Sonia reassured me that we can work on the problem. She came around to visit and had a wonderful relationship with my dog before I knew it. He allowed her to begin to work on his nails and even trimmed some off.

After talking to Sonia I realised that we were going to have to do some ongoing work, but it is more like fun. It was a wonderful positive experience. I highly recommend PetPro for any of your dogs needs..

Elaine and Pax