Skill-Up Pet Pro
Training Package

Skill-up to be a Pet Pro Trainer for your dog in 3 easy sessions!

1. Skill-up Pet Pro
Initial Assessment

Learn how to communicate, positively encourage behaviour you want and channel the dog’s energy in the direction you need it to go!

A home visit will help you get on the right track quickly, helping you to form healthy habits!

Looking primarily at in home and on leash skills (unless there is another specific issue), we will formulate a plan to get you heading in the right direction … fast!

$215.00/1.5hr (approx)

(inclusive of GST)

2. Skill-up Pet Pro (part 1)
Follow up Session

Learn how to increase the distractions and retain focus by building your new skills in ever increasingly distraction-filled environments.

Ongoing socialization is important but as your dog matures, more emphasis is given to the pet-owner dynamic.

Attend to any questions or concerns in behaviour that might be starting to immerge and ensure they dont get out of hand. Often working on-lead or long line (where appropriate).

$85/45min session

(inclusive of GST)

3. Skill-up Pet Pro (part 2)
Follow up session

Continuing to work on existing issues (which may need more time) or advancing into new concepts and techniques, this session’s scope is really limitless.

Its a good time to consider off-lead reliability by really proofing that recall or even look at getting an intro into dog sports like agility, hoopers or flygility skills!



$85/45min session

(inclusive of GST)

Full Pet Pro Skill-up Package

Book sessions separately OR book the entire skill-up package saving more than 10% OR getting $35 off the total!

(prices are inclusive of GST)


$385.00 $350.00/3 session package

Looking For A Professional Trainer/Walker?

Entrust your best mate to a professional trainer who can help guide him on the right path to greatness!
These enrichment, walking and training sessions include proven games which help increase confidence, flexibility and focus which means a happier and healthier dog and a happy owner!

Sessions are planned and carried out by a KPA-CTP Certified Instructor with 15years experience working with and training dogs and puppies.

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